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Five Facts About Post Breakup Syndromes

Breakups can be a rough and quite a mind wrecking thing. But till when we can slog through a much needed pending breakup? Nothing can help you move immediately, but what we can do is help ease the pain. 

See how Fact of Five makes it all easier for you.

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1: Change your mind set about being single: If half the population is taken then half is available and the only reason for that is, that life it is not that bad. You never need a person and nobody but you can complete yourself, so do not let the idea of single life is terrible get to you. It’s a vacation which was due, so enjoy it.

2: Learn to see the bigger picture: Draw a mental image and make sure you make yourself believe in the happy you. Draw a picture in your mind of how you are good enough for yourself. Creating a clear future vision helps in giving you a direction.

3: Throw out the souvenirs: In order to move forward, you need to start clearing the back log. Until your room is full of constant reminders of your to be ex, you would never have enough space for new things. We are sure you have had some beautiful memories, but in order to move on, you need to let go of all your souvenirs.

4: Brace yourself: Immediately after a break up make sure your friends and family are given a heads up. Keep your plans ready and keep yourself as occupied as possible. An empty mind is a devils workshop and that’s not needed. Focus on things that are still there for you, even if all you want to do is sit in bed with a tub of ice cream and crib.

5: Keep the confidence: A break-up often leaves you feeling like you were not good enough. Well, you are and make sure you keep reminding that to yourself. Sometimes it’s not about whose fault was it, but just about two people who could not work it out. Make a list of things that make you who you are and stay positive. 

- Meher Sethi

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