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Five Facts about Moon

How much do we know about the moon, beyond the knowledge of it being a satellite which continuously rotates? The moon has much more hidden within it, which most of us aren’t aware of.

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Here is our fact of five for the moon:

1. A full day on the moon, from one sunrise to another. Lasts an average of  about 29.5 days on the earth. Also, the moon is now 18 times further away than when it was formed. 4.5 billion years ago.

2. The solar eclipse is a phenomenon that happens simply by chance. The sun is exactly 400 times bigger than the moon, but it appears to be of the same size as it is also exactly 400 times further away from the earth.

3. A study found that people tend to sleep better during the new Moon and the worse during a full Moon and dust there smells like gunpowder.

4. The US government specially sent a man to the moon to find Osama bin laden which costed them 100 billion dollars in 10 years.

5. Scientists estimate the moon has shrunk 600 feet since the rock body was first formed, but that doesn’t stop it from providing internet speed of 19mbps on its surface.

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