5 Must Have Apps In 2016

Unlike a new brand that goes super crazy in promoting a brand, it is very difficult for one to know what app which is already in the market is trending and which is of these do you have to have in your phone, irrespective of career or lifestyle. 

Fact of five brings to you your must have apps of 2016.

5 Must Have Apps In 2016, best apps 2016

INSHORTS goes straight to the top of our list as it is one of the most efficient, short and precise news app. It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes for you to have a quick look and know what exactly is happening in your city.

5 Must Have Apps In 2016, best apps 2016

We all have those moments where we hear a song play and instantly fall in love with it. For all these moments shazam is a must have app, all you need to do is pull out your phone tap the shazam button, it then records the song for you and tells you the name instantly.

5 Must Have Apps In 2016, best apps 2016

Quality time, tracks your record of usage and tells you how long you spent doing what on your mobile phone. From how long it takes you to open your phone to the amount of time you spent of social media, quality times tells you were you spend your quality time.

5 Must Have Apps In 2016, best apps 2016

Now here is a fun app. Hate having to type out of an image, it can be lengthy and we all know that. Office lens helps you convert all your images with written matter into PDF’S, POWER POINT and even WORD.

5 Must Have Apps In 2016, best apps 2016

The basic feature of Hooks is to send you notifications. Simple, compact, efficient and useful. Hooks allows you to choose your areas of interests from the huge number of alerts and sends you notifications. Football, Netflix, movies etc anything anytime.

- Meher Sethi

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