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5 Reasons Why You Should Not Play PokeMonGo

Ever since its launch, PokemonGo has been a massive hit and an online sensation to say the least. This location-based reality mobile game has been downloaded by thousands and thousands of users across the globe and has become the most active mobile game ever in the United States with more than 22 million players. And the figures keep increasing every minute; yes, that is how fast it is growing.

Keeping aside all the fun and craziness, there are certain things that one cannot avoid for long, if they wish to continue playing this game.

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Here's a list of five reasons though according to us, that tells us that you should not play Pokemongo at all!

If you don't wish to be robbed
According to the Guardian, police in O’Fallon, Missouri, recently got a call at 2 a.m. about a group of four players who were playing Pokémon GO on a hotspot device when armed robbers lured the players to an isolated parking lot and robbed them. According to the Sgt. Bill Stringer, the suspects were charged with first-degree robbery and had bond set at $100,000 cash.

Now we all know that this game works by finding certain Pokémon at specific locations, which also means that at a certain time and location a lot of players might gather at the same location. The chances of all of them being friendly. is very remote. So, why take the risk? Is a game worth the risk?

To avoid car crashing
Using your phone while driving your car? A very bad idea! I have never liked the idea of people being busy on the phone while driving and taking their eyes, off the road. They risk not only their lives, but also of others on the road. According to KTLA5, multiple law enforcement agencies around the world have had to issue warnings to players that they are not only putting their own lives at risk, but they are also endangering other drivers as well.

Saving your relationship
Friends and family might not say much. But your girlfriend or boyfriend might not be that understading if you are stuck on the phone all the time trying to catch a rare pokemon. Buzzfeed reported about a man who was with his wife in a hospital while she was waiting for a C-section. According to the player, he found a Pidgey on his wife’s hospital bed, and at that moment, his wife found out his real priorities. Now, you do not want to be that guy do you?

Avoiding extra attention
People have gone crazy and saying that they have made new friends via this game. But that also brings in unwanted attention. There have been several reports of female players who found it extremely uncomfortable when other players approached them and talked about their personal lives.

Save your data
Pokemon uses map data to locate other users and generate feeds, which results in huge data consumption by this game. If you are up for huge bills for data then go for it, but if you have limited budgets in the month for the phone data, then we suggest you get a grip on it.

- Sandeep Verma

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