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5 Ways To Improve Your Reading Speed

For all of us out there who hate to read majorly because of the lack of patience and concentrating here are few extremely quick ways for you to read faster. Now not only can you save some time, but can also enjoy reading more than you usually do.

Here are your speed reading tips, in just 5 pointers.

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      1.     Prioritise
Read through. The first rule to reading faster is to do subjective reading, get a brief idea of what you are reading. Then understand what portions need your attention and what all can be skipped. By doing so you can have a better idea of what needs your understanding and the rest can be skimmed through.
      2.    Concentrate on the headings.
Most heading say it all. If you are really short of time then just give the heading a read and skip to the second passage. Mostly that section also known as the body of the writing has the knowledge and the things you really want to know about.      
      3.   Avoid the bold highlights.
Mostly you tend to pay more attention to the words high-lightened while they are only sentences that people want to stress on and want to catch your attention. Trying to understand this portion may make you go back again to it and end up taking double your time. Remember, Not everything bold is important
      4.   Quiet
Do not read out loud to yourself. Your tongue has a tough time matching the pace of your brain and ends up making you slower. Unless you are trying to remember or learn a material try avoiding reading it out loud.
      5.   Eye movement.

Try to focus more by keeping your eye balls in control and not letting your mind get distracted by the words to come. Stick to the words you are and read along the lines by maintaining a pace that suits your brain and your eye. A lot of people try to skip words and let their eyes run, doing so they end up not understanding what they read which makes them go back all along.

- Meher Sethi

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