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5 Ways To Make Pinterest Page Popular

In their initial days, bloggers and digital marketers often find it difficult to get strong fan following. While the reasons can vary, there is no doubt that most of us end-up making very basic mistakes that can be avoided.

In one of my recent posts I talked about how you can makeyour SnapChat look sexier and in this one I am going to throw some light on how you can make your Pinterest page yield better results for you.

Be it for personal usage or converting your company page into a strong brand identity, by being active on Pinterest, you can not only get more followers, but can get some traffic diverted to your blog too.

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Here’s your to-do-list for Pinterest; at beginners stage.

Getting followers
There is one simple rule, that implies to most of the social media tools. You follow someone and they follow you back. Go to the search option on Pinterest and search for the terms that best suit your interest.

Now, I also blog at which is a men’s fashion centric portal so my interest on that page ( ) is completely Men’s fashion and lifestyle based. So I would type in search query such as ‘Mens Fashion’ ‘Mens Grooming’ ‘Fitness Tips Men’ so forth so on. The results will contain pins, boards and pinners. Keep in mind, our interest lies with pinners. So follow as many as you can for them to follow you back and that will allow you to grow your audience.

Be sure that you interact with them. Comment on their images, like the pictures, to get the same response back.

Create theme based boards
Creating boards is easy. Just visit your Pinterest profile and click on the “boards” tab and select “create board”.

Post that you will get a pop-up in which you need to fill all the information correctly! For StyleRug, I have made 4-5 boards that are genre based, which makes it easy for the readers to find what they are looking for. Keep in mind, crisp communication is better way to gain following,  

Join Boards
Visit boards of interest, find their admin(s) and ask them to join the board as a contributor. You can also leave your own URLs there to gain the relevant traffic to your page.

Connect other social media accounts
Pinterest now allows you to connect your twitter and facebook profiles to its page. This cross functionality will allow you to inter-exchange your followers on different platforms and yield better results.

For example, if you upate a pin update directly via Pinterest to your twitter page, chances are that more people will join you on Pinterest

Good quality images Last but not the least! If your image quality is low then rest assured that people will opt not to follow you. A good quality image gives a lasting image to the consumer and makes it easy for them to relate to relevant subject. You can also use infographics to attract more leads.

Be advised, that these are just initial steps to work on Pinterest and there is much more that you can do get more mileage out of Pinterest. I will be talking about these tools too in my upcoming posts, so keep checking out this space.


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