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US Inmates Break jail To Save The Guard

Five US inmates recently broke the jail to save a guard who was suffering from cardiac arrest. While the security of such jails definitely comes in questions, what is commendable is the fact that none of them tried to run away and made sure that they called for help which saved the life of this guard.

It would have been very easy for these inmates to just see him die. After all, why help the law person who might have helped nabbing them at the first place.

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“It never crossed my mind not to help whether he’s got a gun or a badge. If he falls down, I’m gonna help him,” Nick Kelton said to WFAA-TV. “He’s a good man.”

Here are five facts from the incident. 

1. Capt. Mark Arnett said the inmates likely saved the guard’s life because it could have been a while before someone else walked by and found him, WFAA-TV reported. The incident happened on June 23 and was reported by news outlets this week.

2. The inmates used to have a good laugh with the guard when he was around and he had become more of a friend to them, who would talk about different things in life and also share funny jokes.

3. The guard had the keys to the gates and a gun on him, which the inmateds might have taken control of, but they chose otherwise. What it proves is; a criminal does want to change, and can change, if given a chance by life and society.

4. Nick Kelton is a methaine addict and facing his 4th trip to the prison. Breaking jail could have made sure that he was pressed with further charges, but he still chose to help the guar.

5. Life always gives a second chance to people to correct their wrong deeds. And when these inmates were given with one, they chose to take it.

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