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How To Increase Facebook Likes Organically

So your startup is new and like everyone is telling you (and they’re absolutely right) – you immediately create a Facebook page. But social media works very differently than regular media, and requires a completely different approach to get people to like your page back. To add to it, the ever-changing algorithms are ever-ready to make your life more difficult.

No matter how brilliant your content, goods or service might be, your Facebook fans may not even come close to random memes or cat videos. Why is this happening and how can you improve your fans organically?

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Clearly you’ve tried the logical first step – to go bezzerk and invite all your personal Facebook friends to like the page. On an average, this will not work more than 2-3% of all the invites, and even those numbers would hardly rack- up to even the content you post. You might also end- up losing potential customers because of the excessive spamming.

Here are some better solutions that can help you grow your Facebook following:

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