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5 Most Annoying Fails in Marketing

At times marketers, with a goal of promoting a great product/service, come up with great ideas to make sure that the consumer readily accepts the good/services that are being offered to them. But at times, they are also assigned the task of not promoting the goods, but creating a need for it, which I personally think Is a rubbish ideas.

Because when that happens, more often than not, they end u spamming the consumer, thereby, killing the whole concept of marketing and replacing it with the term – annoying updates! Having said that, it is also true that in today’s age, no goods or services are unique anymore and even if they are, it doesn’t take long for someone to come up with a clone product that can hamper your existence.

Amid such fierce competition, consumers look for only one distinctive point to switch brands. But as 
I said earlier, to achieve this, not all tactics would work in your favor.
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I have tried to make a list of five such marketing techniques, that you should definitely – never try your hands on!

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